International trade fairs, openings of shopping malls or sales outlets require the staff to be open, cunning and have knowledge in the field of customer service while sampling the product or during product presentation. Hostesses and hosts apart from performing the representative function also offer greater interest in the trade fair stand and help in organizational matters.

For each service, we additionally suggest a Coordinator experienced in managing the group, which will ensure better organization of work.

Conference Staff

Servicing business events, congresses and conferences. Our team will take care of greeting, registering guests, directing traffic, giving away giftpacks and providing information. Help and service of an attractive, competent person at the stand will certainly positively affect the reception of the presented company.

• Reception service
• Issuing gift packs
• Stand service in the networking area
• Issuing translation equipment
• Traffic management
• Welcome and farewell to guests


We serve festivals, picnics, sports and company events, as well as events for children. During the events, our animators conduct classes, games and activities for various age groups, depending on the arrangements. We are able to organize service in many locations at the same time throughout Poland.

Entertainment animators for children provide:
– face painting,
– balloon art,
– babysitting during special / company events.


Support for promotions in stores and service outlets. Promoters activate the brand and encourage the purchase of the product, talk about its features, and issue samples. The effect is an increase in results of promotional activities.


Also commercial, working at photo sessions or hairstyles – they are extremely energetic young people. Perfect for various premieres, brand activations and promotions of new products. If you are organizing a fashion show or other event where you will need fashion models, please visit www.m-duomodels.pl


Concerts, shows, parties, meetings – all events taking place in the public space. The announcer conducts them in the most attractive way possible, announces consecutive elements of the program, and distributes them with anecdotes, parables, etc. The variety of events requires a diversified compere – it looks differently while giving away company prizes, during jazz concerts or cabarets.We will help you choose the announcer, taking into account the context and the program of the event.

Tech Support

Our technicians will install equipment and ensure that the technical aspects of each event function without any problems. We work with the most reputable companies on the market, true industry specialists.


Our makeup artists often work during professional photo sessions and film productions. They have the necessary competences to prepare even the most demanding makeup or characterization.

Outfit styling

We work with a group of stylists and designers involved in building images for companies and individuals. We will advise you on appropriate stylizations with make-up and hairdo, consistent with the nature of the event.


A perfect solution for corporate events, where the vast majority are people of the same gender. Our fordancers dance at banquets, in clubs and perform in music videos. They are guaranteed to crank every party up:

– banquets,
– office party,
– dance parties,
– music videos etc.


We will create a movie promoting your company, we will take care of streaming at a conference or other event, we will record an advertisement. We have staff and equipment of the highest quality. Check our youtube channel to see our realizations.

Live bar

A custom disguise for a model to which cocktails or desserts are attached. The perfect solution on the occasion of thematic events or those taking place on a small area.

Additional Services

FOOD TRUCK. Depending on the nature of the event, we will organize foodtruck catering. We operate throughout Poland.

DECOR. We prepare decorations according to sent projects

SECURITY.  We provide professional protection for every event, including mass events.

CLOAKROOM / CLEANING STAFF. We will provide efficient and well-organized cloakroom service, we will also take care of cleaning after the event.

COORDINATORS. Experienced and stress-resistant coordinators will control the group, distribute duties and breaks, ensure communication with the client and present reports.