Dear clients,


M-DUO is active on the polish market for over 10 years. We are constantly evolving, reaching new goals and succesfully developing. But our mission remains unchanged. We want to make every event that our skilled and professional crew takes part in a massive success. Our presence and professional help, by the hands of competent and attractive people will make organizing an event of any type and size all the easier and smoother.

We know the trade, we know its needs.




International Expo, openings of market galleries and other such events require the personnel to be open, communicative and proficient with customer service, during the sampling or presentation of the product. Our hostesses and hosts  guarantee bigger interest in your Expo booth while also help you get organized there. Additionally, we also offer you a skilled coordinator, who’ll ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Conference Staff

We provide our services during business events, congresses and conferences. Our team will take care of greeting, registering guests, directing traffic, giving away giftpacks and providing information. Help and service of an attractive, competent person at the stand will certainly positively affect the reception of the presented company.


We serve festivals, picnics, sports and company events, as well as events for children. During the events, our animators conduct classes, games and activities for various age groups, depending on the arrangements. We are able to organize service in many locations at the same time throughout Poland.


Support for promotions in stores and service outlets. Promoters activate the brand and encourage the purchase of the product, talk about its features, and issue samples. The effect is an increase in results of promotional activities.

Tech Support

Our technicians will install equipment and ensure that the technical aspects of each event function without any problems. We work with the most reputable companies on the market, true industry specialists.

Make up / Hairstyling

Our makeup artists often work during professional photo sessions and film productions. They have the necessary competences to prepare even the most demanding makeup or characterization.

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